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Our Strength and Conditioning equipment helps tone and burn fat

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When Diets and strict regimes aren’t possible we help keep you active

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Learn the aspects behind boxing without even stepping into the ring

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Let us help you reach your goals and keep you actively healthy at all times

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Class Schedule

Interesting in joining us for our next class? Take a look at our schedule below to find a time that best suits and join us. Alternatively, get in touch about a private one-to-one session.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10.00 - 11.00
Ladies Boot Camp
18.00 - 19.00
Ladies Only - Workout
19.00 - 20.00
Ladies Only - Workout
20.00 - 21.00


  • Ladies Only - Workout
    19.00 - 20.15


  • Ladies Boot Camp
    10.00 - 11.00
  • Ladies Only - Workout
    18.15 - 19.30
No events available!

We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

We all have to start somewhere, and therefore all classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. Before signing up our trained coaches will discuss what it is you want from our program and we will work closely with you to ensure you achieve it.

Our Trainers

Join our dedicated team of coaches as they make sure you leave the gym sweating! From our ladies boot camp classes to the Female Only evening classes, ensuring there is something suitable for everyone.

Jon Dennis - Head Coach - Attleborough

Jon Dennis

Head Coach
Abigail Dennis - Coach - ABC

Abigail Dennis


A Different Approach To Keeping Fit And Healthy

Keeping active, on a strict diet and physically fit can be a tedious ordeal for most. Trying to fit that around your day to day life isn’t the easiest of tasks. This is why we have carefully crafted specific slots to help keep Attleborough fit and active.